What’s the deal with 650b?

The BILT Eight is both 26 and 650b wheel compatible and the bike rides amazingly well with either wheels size. So far we have tested tires up to 2.4 (Highroller II) with plenty of rear wheel clearance. The jury is still out on which is “better”. Your call!

What size seatpost?

The BILT Eight runs a 30.4mm seatpost or you use the supplied shim and run a 27.2mm which is a very common size.

What chainguide do I need?

The BILT Eight uses the “ISCG Old” standard. You will also need a chainguide with a flat back for the top guide as clearance between the guide and swingarm is minimal. Most guides are fine but it is good to check there are no protruding bolts on the backing plate before shelling out cash!

What size chain ring?

The BILT Eights single pivot design has been optimised around running a 36-38t chain ring. We recommend either.

I’m 180cm tall What size frame should I get?

If you are between the recommended sizes you need to ask yourself whether you prefer a smaller bike or a larger bike. Both will be fine though…. A smaller frame will feel more lively and whippy. A larger will feel more stable and grounded. Basically it comes down to your personal preference.

Where can I buy a BILT Eight?

Your local bike shop will be able to sell you a BILT frame. We do not have dealers as yet and are happy to deal with most shops. If they try to sell you another brand when you walk in the door ask them to call us. They are not doing anything wrong, they just want to shift the stock they already have. If they refuse….Go somewhere else or call us direct!

Why should I buy a BILT Eight frame?

This is the tough one! There are a lot or really good frames on the market that are more than capable of doing the job. At BILT we believe we have hit the nail on the head and deliver a bike that out performs most of them.  We have found riders instantly feel at home on a BILT and usually find they go faster on one very soon after throwing a leg over one. It is a balance of geometry, suspension dynamics and sensible weight that combine as a whole to make the BILT Eight one very special ride.

Is my frame going to be out dated in 6 months?

In a word no! At BILT we are confident our design will stand the test of time and instead of releasing a calendar driven new model every 12 months we will be implementing a process of constant improvement. We will only release a new model if there is a need for improvement or we see areas we can improve on. Each production run we may make small changes and maybe even do extra colour options.

Do you have any stickers?

Probably! Just email us your details and we will send you some out if we have them in stock.


Tapered head tube?

A standard 1.5 head tube is allows the strongest available interface between head tube, top tube and down tube. It has a larger weld area on the top tube interface which dissipates forces over a larger area. It also allows us to use a Cane Creek Angleset which gives you head angle adjustability.

Why use a 73mm bottom bracket?

Our initial batch of prototype frames actually came from the Taiwanese factory with this by mistake! It soon became something that was seen as a positive as it allows a greater choice of cranksets and when combined with the Bilt Eights lower bottom bracket height allows a greater lean angle and a narrower bike profile through tight rocky sections. We then ended up scratching our heads asking why would we switch to 83mm?  5mm is a lot when you are clipping a pedal at 40km/h!
If you already have an 83mm bottom bracket you can easily space it out 5mm each side and it will work fine.

12mm rear bolt up axle?

After extensive testing we found the new generation of quick release rear axles were actually coming loose! We feel the minor inconvenience of having to undo the axle with tools outweighs the peace of mind of knowing your rear end is secure. Your frame will come supplied with an alloy light weight 12mm bolt up axle.

Straight tubes?

We like the look of them! We may move to curvy hydroformed tubes one day, but at the moment we just plain like the look of our butted straight tubing. It’s light, it’s strong and looks damn tough!

Why 30.4 seatpost?

Simply to keep the tubing wall thickness that we wanted in the seat tube for structural integrity. You can either source a 30.4 seat post or use the supplied alloy shim so you can use a popular 27.2mm seat post. Problem solved!


The BILT Eight has been in development over three years with extensive real world riding and racing testing. If you saw what we started with and where we are now you wouldn’t believe it was the same bike!
We displayed some early prototype bikes at the World’s at Stromlo (our local) in 2009 World Championships and they were well received. The same frame sets ran for three full seasons in the hands of some fairly brutal test riders and came up with minimal issues.

Since then we have fine tuned the frame design and re designed our “CT link” linkage system. What we have ended up with is a bike that takes the big hits, rails turns and sucks up the rough.
We have teamed up with Cane Creek who are the leaders in rear shocks and headsets and are marketing our frame as a frame, Double Barrel shock and Angleset package. We believe this gives you the absolute best setup possible.


BILT Bikes is currently seeking distributors in your area. Please contact if you are interested or have a recommendation for us.


At this stage we don’t play favourites with shops, if you want your local shop to sell you a BILT Eight simply get them to contact us on:
Phone: 02 62555904
Email:  sales@biltbike.com


BILT Bikes warranties it’s frames for one year from date of purchase for manufacturing defects when used under normal conditions. This includes racing but does not cover crash or damage from misuse or improper assembly. Warranty will be granted at the discretion of BILT Bikes and applies to the original purchaser only. The original frame must be returned to BILT Bikes for inspection.


BILT Bikes will also offer crash replacement frames at a reduced purchase price to the original purchaser in the event of misfortune.
To claim simply contact your BILT dealer or us direct at sales@biltbike.com


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